New Brunswick

First Nations


What are the scholarships?

Through financial contributions provided by Maritimes & Northeast Pipeline (MNP), $500.00 will be awarded to qualifying High school students.  $1000.00 will be awarded to qualifying post-secondary students.

MNP New Brunswick First Nations Scholarship program is available to students from the following First Nations:  Buctouche, Eel Ground, Eel River Bar, Fort Folly, Indian Island, Kingsclear, Madawaska, Metepenagiag, Oromocto, Pabineau, St. Mary's, and Woodstock.  Also students from the MAWIW Inc. communities of Elsipogotog, Esgenoopetitj, and Tobique.


Who is eligible?

Maliseet and Mi’kmaq students who are a registered member of their communities and are enrolled as full time students.

•  High School students: Enrolled full time and graduating high school in June 2018.

•  Post-Secondary Students: Enrolled in a minimum two year, full time (four or more courses, 12 or more credit hours) university, college, vocational or technical institute in the current academic year, 2017-2018.


All applications are welcome from qualifying students.  Preference will be given to students enrolled in a field of study complementary to the energy and natural resources sector.

 For example: engineering, geology, computer sciences, welding, pipefitting, land management, finance, accounting, business


It is expected the demand will be in excess of the available funding


Only successful applicants will be notified via email.


The application cut off date is June 30, 2018


If you have any questions, please email


This application consists of three parts:


1) The completed online application, which will include two short answer essay questions (max 350 words each).  The essay questions are as follows :

 1. How is your course of study complementary to the energy sector?

 2. What are your plans after you have completed your education?


2) One letter of reference from a teacher, professor or academic advisor.  This letter should  be emailed to  Please ask that your full name is referenced in the letter.


3) Official school transcripts that must include 2018 marks.  These are available from the registrar or guidance department of your school.  Make sure the 2018 marks and courses are included. You can request transcripts in advance of the marks being released. Your school or university can mail them directly to the scholarship application intake office when they become available.

Have your transcripts mailed to:


MNP Scholarship

P.O. Box 3216

Perth-Andover, NB

E7H 5K3





The online Application form is the only application accepted for the 2018 scholarship awards.

• Any other application forms, or delivery of forms to other locations, disqualifies the application.


It is the responsibility of the applicant to make sure that the transcripts are mailed to the scholarship intake office and that a letter of reference is emailed to


Applicants will not be notified if their application is incomplete.


The application cut off date is June 30, 2018


Please make sure you have completed the online application, have arranged for transcripts and have emailed a letter of reference

For more information please contact:

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